Otter + Pop Sockets case and Wireless Charger

Posted by v-bee on 5th Jun 2019

Recently, Pop Sockets has been working with Otterbox to create a super case, a tough drop proof case with a built-in Pop Socket at the back. How great is that? You got a great drop protection from Ott … read more

How To Install Otterbox Defender To Your Device

Posted by JT on 22nd Dec 2016

Many people may experience difficulties in installing the Otterbox Defender to their device. The reason being is due to the added layer of protection and unquestionable durability. This blog i … read more

OtterBox Symmetry Case Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Posted by Marcel Key on 10th Dec 2015

The OtterBox Symmetry Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a smooth and in vogue pocket-friendly design. The Symmetry Case features an assortment of colors and pattern to ensure that your t … read more

OtterBox Defender Case Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted by Marcel Key on 10th Dec 2015

With regards to the OtterBox Defender Case Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung pulled out the greater part of the stops. That makes it all the more important to protect. The Defender Series is spesific … read more