How To Install Otterbox Defender To Your Device

Posted by JT on 22nd Dec 2016

Many people may experience difficulties in installing the Otterbox Defender to their device. The reason being is due to the added layer of protection and unquestionable durability. This blog is aimed to inform otterbox users how to effectively install their cases onto their device. Firstly, Take the snap-on holster off by unlocking the large tab on the side. Once this is completed, remove the rubber shell by firstly unclipping the ports on the charger and speaker then carefully removing the rubber shell. It is advised that you start from the corner and push the rubber off the edge to prevent any tears from occurring. Afterwards, release one of the tension clips by using your fingers to pop it. Continue releasing the tension clips carefully until the two separate. DO NOT force the two to separate because it could damage the tension clips. Once these steps are completed, insert your phone into the case and start assembling the phone case back together again.