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iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2/iPad Mini 3 Defender Case

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At work or play, Defender Series protects your iPad mini 3 from day-to-day hazards. Built with three robust layers, this rugged iPad mini 3 case is designed to absorb shock from rough drops, bumps, dings and scrapes. The built-in screen film guards your touchscreen from scratches and scrapes without inhibiting use. Plus, you still have access to every feature and function, including Touch ID.


Brings the features : three rugged layers combine in iPad mini 3 Defender Series cases to absorb shock from drops and bumps, port plugs seal out dust, grime and crumbs from entering jacks and ports, screen protection is built-in to keep brilliant 7.9” iPad mini 3 display looking flawless, choose from an array of colors for a personalized look, and shield stand clips around your iPad mini 3 case and works as a typing stand.

Tough one, and the combination screen protector and poseable stand works very well. One of good product, fit perfectly, and what’s more than looks solid. Everyone was very satisfied with this item. Nice to travel with and easy to use. This provide greats protection and very good heavy duty iPad case especially if the iPad belongs to your kid. OtterBox Defender Case have a pretty color, and it's protects your tablet from breaking.

All you need was attractive, functional, easy to handle and the feeling of security that you’ve already protected your device as much as possible. All functions work well. Just a slight difficulty using the Touch ID but still operates.

The overall user experience with each Defender case is substantially positive. What you trade off in device lightness and thinness is made up for by the added protection, which is reassuringly sturdy at all points across the iPad’s body. Flip-open headphone port, side switch, and Lightning port covers feel solid in either position, and provide enough access for typical fingers and cables to fit as needed. Screen protection is only very mildly prismatic, with fine touchscreen responsiveness, and button coverage is quite responsive, even if you’ll need a little extra pressure to register presses. Apart from the rear hole on the iPad Air version of Defender, these are also very handsome cases, and OtterBox will offer them each in multiple colors.

It’s available in color : Black

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