OtterBox Symmetry Case Samsung Galaxy S6

Posted by Marcel Key on 10th Dec 2015

The OtterBox Symmetry Case includes a smooth, stylish, pocket-friendly design. Made of double material it gives the trusted OtterBox insurance that you are searching for. The internal material and coring disseminate shock, while the raised bevelled edge secures the screen. It has a single layer with one-stage simple installation.

Keep up your style creed while securing your phone against drops and scratches, slips and slides are no match for your style Galaxy S6 case that pieces scratches and scrapes, ultra-thin fashioner Galaxy S6 case development won't cramp your style.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Like the features of this case bring, smooth, stylish, pocket-friendly design, double material outline absorb shock and withstands drops, one-piece development for simple, one-stage installation, raised bevelled edge secures the screen, wraparound representation include seamless style, and propelled materials for enhanced fit and expanded durability.

The Symmetry case is an effort to make a case that is slimmer and it fits perfectly on the phone and around ports and around the camera lens. It also slips on and off the telephone pretty easily. The Symmetry Samsung Protector is fabulous. It is made of exceptionally sturdy material and you need that in the even you drop your phone. This case is anything but difficult to install and also to remove on the off chance that you have to. It gives one a good grip on the mobile phone and avoids slipping, dropping, and conceivably breaking.

This case comes in variety of colors. When the case is install, all the features on the phone still work precisely as they should. Thin with the protection of OtterBox. Easy slips into pockets and the rubber treated edge helps the phone stay put when placed face down. Protects the rear camera and allows the phone to sit flat when placed on the back. If you are looking for good looks and protection the Symmetry is the one to get.

Let’s find another advantages from this case for iPhone 6/6S :

  • Fit - This case fits precisely how people expected that it would - like a glove. It takes a touch of pushing to get it on yet once your phone is set up it stays cozily in there.
  • Quality and Design - Every catch is splendidly responsive, each set pattern is smooth and exact. The designed segment of the case is smooth and polished; the strong pattern segments are to a greater extent a gently textured, hard elastic. Measuring around 1/2" thick it isn't the most slender case on the planet however it surely isn't the bulkiest either. Everybody adore the liberal lip around the edge of the front of the case that guarantees your telephone's screen will come no place close to any surface you may drop it on. Inside the case you will discover an example of froth that goes about as a safeguard upon effect.
  • Style - Make beyond any doubt you drift over the stock photograph so you can see the zoomed in picture of this example - it's a somewhat slick crosswise example that looks sharp in individual.

Overall many people extremely satisfied with this case. OtterBox items never stop to flabbergast everybody. This case is simply flawless and no one have truly no dissensions about it.

Made of dual material it gives the trusted OtterBox insurance, you are searching for

It’s available in 6 colors : White/Pattern Grey, Black/Pattern, City Blue, Light Green/Pink, White/Grey, and Black

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