Stylish & Simple Symmetry Case Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Posted by Marcel Key on 10th Dec 2015

The OtterBox Symmetry Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 includes a smooth, beautiful, pocket-friendly design. Made of dual material it gives the trusted OtterBox protection that you are searching for. The internal material and coring scatter shock, while the raised bevelled edge secures the screen. It has a single layer with one-stage basic installation. The Symmetry Series is accessible in a wide cluster of colors and design so there is something to suit everybody.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

OtterBox Symmetry case Samsung Galaxy Note 5 offer you they features : One-piece development, simple, one-stage installation, wraparound graphics include consistent style, clear alternatives.

The back of the Symmetry case features a light texture that feels smooth, however doesn't do much for hold. What keeps this cover easy to handle is the TPU guard that's attached. You'll found this adaptable layer around the lip of the case — keeping the Galaxy Note 5's screen sheltered and sound while faced down — and around the port openings and side catches. Inside the case is a firm rubber laid out in a symmetrical pattern that is a key component in dispersing impacts when your phone takes a spill. There's nothing to fuss about with regards to connecting to chargers, popping out the S-Pen, or getting a press on the power and volume buttons. Basically said, it's just a comfortable case to use with the size Note 5.

Sleek and simple. Extraordinary guard security. No issues with charging, using the S pen, or the catches. Simple grip without slippage. This case cover gives a mark protection against effects, too. Its elastic edge outside gives an awesome hold, reducing the chance of slip-ups - but even if a slip-up does occur, the padded gel underlay of the case will reduce damage and keep the your phone in incredible condition. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Everybody like it because its slimmer than different sorts of OtterBox cases, tolerable material feel when catches are pushed, hard plastic external shell assists it with coming all through the pocket easily. Great. Decent and thin with security for Galaxy Note 5. Close fit yet simple to removes if needed. Non slip extraordinarily enhances the Samsung Note. Catches work immaculately! Extraordinary item that isn't genuine bulky, looks incredible on your Samsung Note 5. Fits incredible without any issues yet.

Overall, prefers this case in light of the fact that it gives out a basic and rough viewpoint to the phone. Very recommended.

Stylish and simple. Great bumper protection.

It’s available in 4 Colors : Black, Pink/SlateGrey, Grey/Dark Blue , White/Grey

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