The Durable Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Defender Case

Posted by Marcel Key on 10th Dec 2015

The OtterBox Defender Series case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gives the perfect answer for those searching for just right amount for protection. With three layers of security you can rest guaranteed that your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be protected. All components, keys and ports are available through the case, providing you with a unique, interesting shield. Included with this case is a holster style ratcheting belt clip.

defender 4

So many components that OtterBox Defender Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 brings. For example foam sound-disconnecting ring over mouthpiece, sound is transmitted through case, acoustic vent on headset speaker, included knock, drop, and stun insurance, smooth, thin fit for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, thus some more.

Many people can hardly imagine how the case is awesome. Their Samsung Galaxy Note 4 now feels like its strong. This is the best assurance everybody seen as yet. The phone is almost totally encased-without blocking quick access to the camera, stylus or speaker. The volume, on/off buttons, earphone and web ports are all completely secured.

defender 4 2

5 point from user about this case is the Note 4 case is observable more slender. Second, the Note 4 "elastic" outside is not rubbery. The outside material fits quite firmly over the internal shell casing. Next, the screen protector not "flush" with the phone screen. Forth, the outline of the outside case is sharp and nicely detailed. The last one that most people have no issues using any buttons or the access ports for power and earphone cable.

Besides this phone is sturdy and excellent, it has a snap on case so it can be clipped to your pants. Everybody appreciated about their purchase. Also the built-in screen protector is nice and no need to stress over bubbles pockets that glue screen defenders regularly get.

Durable, not bulky, nice color, and it’s a great choice to protect your phone .

Available in color : Black

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